Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's The Little Things....

It's the little things in life that distract you from things like cleaning the house or making dinner.

Today, it was these......

We have a lot of antique shops around here, and before I had my daughter (complete with her father's "Bull-In-A-China-Shop" genes) I would frequent one or two almost every weekend.  My favorite (aka least expensive) one closed a few years ago, and I truly miss it.  I bought these three little knick-knacks for a buck apiece there.  Hopefully I can add to the collection one of these days!  They are not only cute, but functional as well.  

In case you have not yet recognized what they are, here's a subtle hint:

Cute, huh? :)

And unlike some of my other "antiquities", we actually use them all the time....

And when not in use, they don't take up much room and look adorable.

So, dinner's at 10:15 PM.... I'm making a version of my Italian Porketta, but in a crockpot.  I might crank it up on high for an hour or two to speed things up!