Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cranberries Glorious Cranberries

I just love the sight of freshly rinsed cranberries....

There's something about these ruby berries that make me happy.  Although I live in Massachusetts, the commercial cranberry bogs are not exactly in my back yard.  Still, I remember seeing small wild bogs here and there when I was younger.  And several years a go I visited friends in Plymouth whose back yard abutted a small cranberry bog.  The color was amazing when they began to ripen.

For the first time, I made homemade cranberry sauce (Cranberry Sauce I from Allrecipes) for Thanksgiving.  I had never in my life had "real" cranberries at Thanksgiving, although I use them quite often in breads, muffins, desserts and even smoothies.  In this recipe, fresh cranberries are simmered away in orange juice and sugar...
 ...And after the berries have cooked down, the sauce thickens up as it cools.  I made mine ahead of time, so the cranberries were brilliant red and gelatinous after chilling in the fridge.  

They looked even prettier in my pink depression glass serving dish...

Even though we only had a mini-Thanksgiving at our house, after gorging ourselves at my sister's house, my first batch of homemade cranberry sauce made the day.  I have to admit, it was a bit too orangey for me, so next time maybe I'll try a combination of water and orange juice.  But this was easy, beautiful and delicious.

Now I'm off to search my recipe collection for ideas as to what I should do with the other five bags of cranberries! :)

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