Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Columbus, OH - From A to Z

Ah, where were we?

Oh yes! Vacation - it seems like it was so long ago!  But I never did tell you about the rest of our trip.
Second stop was Columbus, OH.  We didn't really set out and explore the city all that much.  It was kind of more like a drive-by tour, but one thing I did notice was that Columbus looked like a pretty clean, cool, kinda happening place.   It does have some nice architecture, maybe not to the extent that Cleveland does, but Columbus is nothing to sneeze at.  It's just that Cleveland has a bit more architectural charm, thanks to the old buildings, bridges and factories.  

I have no idea what this area was, but apparently the entire block is being restored as a combination of residential and retail/office space.   I think it'll be nice when it's all done, and I like how they uncovered the cobblestone streets, although as much as I like the look of them, I can't stand walking on them.  I also like how they let each building keep its own characteristics - very reminiscent of the older cities we love, like our own Worcester.
My husband took this picture - I have no idea why, but it's a cool building and I like the little arch-thingy.  

This was an nice area - I think they call it "Short North" or something.  There were a couple nice outdoor cafe's - I loved the flower boxes at this one.

Then there was this neat little portion of the street filled with interesting little shops and restaurants.  We were here in the late afternoon, and it looked like we caught a lull between office hours and the evening dinner crowd, as people were just starting to filter in to this area.
I bet it would look nice at night, all lit up, too!
We drove around a bit, and us girls waited in the car while hubby went and snapped a few photos for his collection.  Having been with someone so keenly interested in architecture, I've trained myself to look for little things I might not have noticed before, like the detail on this building.

I snapped this because it looked like they were actual gargoyles, meaning part of a water drainage system, as opposed to just decorative touches, known technically as "grotesques".
THAT little tidbit of info was something that I actually taught my husband!  And I don't even have a degree in architecture!  But I do watch a lot of educational television.

Not that that's a good replacement for a decent education! 

Somewhat out of place was this corner in the center of the city.  It seemed kind of strange to have this electronic marquis in an area filled with classical architecture.  I wondered what it was about this particular corner that made it so special it had to beckon you from afar with flashing neon.
And then, I saw the light...

The beautiful pink and orange glow of a steaming styrofoam cup of coffee!

I suddenly felt just a wee bit homesick!   It was the first Dunkin Donuts I had seen in three days.

Earlier in the day we visited the Columbus Zoo.

Here's my little cutie, ready for a day of walking in the hot sun....
Like her mom and dad, she's an animal lover.  And I think she's got a bit of her dad's artistic flair, because she gravitates towards public art.
Or maybe not. Maybe it's just fun to climb on big, stone polar bear sculptures.

Personally, I liked looking at the bears with a pulse.  These two were orphaned grizzly bears form Alaska - their mother had been attacking people and dogs and was consequently killed.  They had actually been sleeping peacefully until some idiot started pounding on the thick plexiglass that enclosed them.

Kinda dumb, but I have to admit I got some good pictures of the bears!

This big guy was in the neighboring pen, licking his chops, wondering if said idiot was going to meander this way and try that crap with him.
Sheesh! And I though I needed a manicure!  I loved this bear - he looked old, but pretty happy in his habitat.

The big news at the zoo this summer is the new baby...
Aaaaaw! Cute widdle baby ewephant!  She was born in March, and was extremely active this day, running to catch up with mom.

Then she posed for pictures with the children.
Well, not really....

We loved the statues at the zoo, and the best part was that they actually encourage kids to climb on them.  
Which she did.

All of them.


Until it was time to go check out downtown Columbus, then head out to dinner and back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Daddy skipped all the way to the parking lot, because the next day was his special day...


5thsister said...

thanks for the memories! Mr. Sister and I met in Columbus and got married there a year and half later!

ChristineM said...

That's awesome! Now I have another reason to remember Columbus! :)

Chicago Mom said...

What a great city, who knew? Thanks for sharing!

Willoughby said...

I love your travel blogs! Great pictures!

Your educational television comment cracked me up! I have often been called "The World's Largest Bank of Useless Knowledge" because I have so many ridiculously useless bits of trivial information banging around in my head.