Saturday, October 3, 2009


I started writing these down - you know, those little snippets of conversation that somehow strike you as hilarious, and you swear to yourself "I'll never forget that one!"

The next day, it's gone.

It's A Bird....
We were coming back from Providence, driving on Route 146, and a large, long-legged, long necked bird flies across the highway - high enough so that it's in no danger of getting hit, but low enough that we could see it in great detail.

MrM: "Look at that cool bird!"

Me: "Oh, cool! It's a heron"

MrM: "It looks like a pelican."

Me: "It's a heron - I'm not sure exactly what kind"

MrM, realizing he has misidentified the species: "That's why I said it looks like a pelican...I didn't say it was a pelican"

Me: "Looks even more like a heron"

(Note: it looked nothing like a pelican. Of course, pelicans look like pterodactyls to me.)

The Comedienne:

Punkin is learning all about comedy.

Me: Knock, Knock!

Punkin: Who's there?

Me: Banana

Punkin: Banana who?

Me: Knock knock!

Punkin: Who's there?


Punkin: Banana who??


Punkin: WHO'S THERE?!?!

Me: Orange!

Punkin: Orange who?

Me: "Orange ya glad I didn't say BANANA again!"

(Gratuitous laughter ensues)

Punkin: Knock Knock!

Me: Who's there?

Punkin: Apple!

Me: Apple who?

Punkin: Apple-orange you glad I didn't say banana!


Kitchen talk.

Punkin: "Daddy's a boy, you know."

Me: (wondering where she's going with this) "Yes, Daddy's a grown-up boy, so he's a man"

Punkin: "He's not a girl"

Me: "No, he's not. You're right!"

Punkin: "Girls know how to cook"

Me: (trying not to laugh) "Well, some boys cook. Like in the cooking shows - Emeril, Tyler, Bobby...they all cook! And some girls don't cook, like Grandma. Anyone can cook, if they want to!"

Punkin: "Not Daddy..."



5thsister said...

LOL! The last one is priceless!!!!! I'll be chuckling all day! Thanks for sharing!

thamesarino said...

I have to agree! The last one had me laughing, especially because I was worried about where she was headed too.... only because of a few conversations with my daughter about the differences between girls and boys!! ; )

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Haha, that last one sounds like something my daughter would have said when she was younger. Now that she's nearly 9, she knows that mommy cooks and daddy doesn't because he doesn't know how.

Lissaloo said...

I love it! Miss M is at that stage, and EVERYTHING can be turned into a knock knock joke, it's awesome :)

Willoughby said...

I love the knock-knock jokes! Very cute.

My daughter says things that crack me up, too. The other day she meant to call my sense of humor sarcastic, but instead said psychotic.