Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Do you see what I see????

That's what I saw yesterday afternoon when I went to check on my little pots of dirt...if you look really close, you can see one - yes! - One little sproutlet! An itsy bitsy, teeny weeny Green Zebra Tomato Plant!

And the shocking thing - to me anyway - is that it was a seed in an envelope 6 days earlier! AND, it was a packet of seeds I had purchased LAST year, but never opened!

I always say, I usually do pretty good with outdoor plants, but houseplants I destroy nearly as soon as they arrive, so I always get nervous when I try to start seeds indoors. Will my black houseplant thumb mistake these "outdoor" sprouts for its victims? I hope not...I have a lot of little pots of dirt hanging around!

But 24 four hours later - exactly one week from planting half of my seeds - I came home to this....

Front row is Morning Sun - they are taking the lead! I can't believe they grew this fast in one day - I must have missed them yesterday.

Here's some new friends for Green Zebra...Steve will be happy. Looks like his Fox Cherry tomatoes are going strong!

A couple other tomatoes are starting to peep out, too, but I couldn't get a good enough shot.
This is the most remarkable one, though.
Hard to see, but there are two little greenish sprouts coming up, one in each of these two pots. Those are broccoli....that I planted Sunday. Four days ago!

I hope that's a good sign!

I can breathe a little sigh of relief now that some of the seeds have germinated. I always have that fear that I'll plant all these seeds and nothing will grow.

Now if I can just keep the cats away...

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Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Awesome! My kids would get so excited to see something like that going on; unfortunately I'm no green thumb.

ChristineM said...

I've mourned more than a few houseplants in my time, too! ;)

Chicago Mom said...

How wonderful! I love starting seeds in trays and I always get a little too excited when I see the first little sprouts popping up. One time I had a tray on the floor of the back porch to catch the morning sun and I forgot to tell my husband it was there. When he left for work he stepped on it! Oops!

angeltastic said...

Looks like you might have quite the garden! I keep thinking of the garden your folks had in the back yard.