Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been tagged by Lissaloo! (One Step At A Time)

Ok, Now what do I do???

Seven weird things about me?

You mean only seven? Let me see....

1.) I'm coulrophobic. What, pray tell, is that, you ask? While there is dispute as to whether it's an actual phobia, coulrophobia is an excessive if not irrational fear of clowns. It all started with an evil Jack-In-The-Box when I was three.

2.) I cannot kill a spider. Not saying I've never done it, but it really bothers me to do it. My mother told me once it was bad luck to do so, so therefore I don't do it...even though I'm not really superstitious. Well, maybe just a little....

3.) I have a history of melanoma. I didn't even know what it was when I was diagnosed in 1989, but thankfully it was caught early. Now I'm very proactive about skin checks, sun protection and getting suspicious moles removed...tough when you're part Dalmation like me! :)

4.) Which brings us to number four...My daughter and I have the exact same birthmark on our tummy's!

5.) I love horses. Although I don't own any and haven't ridden in years, a certain calm comes over me when I am near one. I think I was one in a previous life! I have always been partial to black horses.

6.) Speaking of previous lives...I was once told by a psychic that I was a passenger on the Titanic. I survived, but later died..obviously. Otherwise it wouldn't have been a previous life, right? Anyway, we KNOW it must be cost me $20 so she must have been legit, right? RIGHT?!? ;)

7.) I (think) I saw a ghost once. I have always been spiritual, but as far as actual ghosts go I'm a skeptic who wants to be proven wrong. I've almost convinced myself I imagined it, but if I saw what I think I saw that night, it was an apparition of a young man I knew who had died a year or two earlier. I was driving in my car, he was walking along the side of the road. My first thought was to stop and give him a ride, but when I turned around he had disappeared. Then my brain caught up to me and I remembered he had died.

I am so weird!!!

Anyway, I'm a new blogger so I can't come up with seven people who haven't already been tagged a hundred times! ;) Any volunteers???

Have a great day!


L.B. said...

Crazy ghost story! Just reading it made my skin crawl. How did you react? I would have come home with urine stains! It's funny because one of my biggest fears isn't ghosts, it's seeing a ghost.

Anonymous said...

Melanoma and the skin plagues are the curse of The Sun of God against skin sinners.

"Based on their skin color, whites exalted themselves above everyone else on the planet and called everyone else: ugly, evil and inferior. Now, that giving everyone else life burns whites’ skin. That giving everyone else life is God. The sun is God. The sun hates white people. God Hates White people. God has fixed His holy light to discriminate between black and whites so that it burns the whites. Ultraviolet light is the fire of the 2nd Rapture burning evil from the face of the earth."

goodytwohundredshoes said...

What a coward Anonymous is. Sign with your name if you really feel strongly about something. God hates no one. The sun is a planet. I can only ask everyone to pray for this fool. They are on a path straight to hell with these beliefs or their mentally ill. God bless!

goodytwohundredshoes said...

Just wanted to post an update on the weirdo who's post was so hateful. Upon a little research, and I do mean very little, I came across the person who posted the message. He is a person who has a website (which I will not post as not to encourage visits) that supports hate and evil. I'm convinced they are mentally ill. He continually searches sites for the word melanoma and then posts his hateful feelings. He is a racist by the very definition of the word. Don't be surprised if his hatefulness shows back up on Christine's blog as long as the word melanoma is on her blog. Very sad indeed.

L.B. said...

Okay, so it's been some 24 hours since I've seen this second comment and I must say this person is a nut job. Wow. It must take some courage to come here anonymously and rail on the blogger. You, anonymous, are a piece of shit.

ChristineM said...

Sheesh, I leave you people alone for a couple days.... :) Thank you for your posts goodytwohundredshoes and of course my friend, LB! Lots of those kind of people out there, and I do feel sorry for them. To be so hateful is a sad thing.

ChristineM said...

LB, I still get chills when I drive down that road and it's been over 20 years! I was freaked out to say the least - couldn't stop shaking.

angeltastic said... I'm playing "catch up". ;) My mom said the same thing about spiders.
I remember going to your horseback riding lessons. Wishing I could do something like that. Until we saw the clysdales(sp?)...YIKES!!
Isn't it a great thing when we find the exact same thing on our child. In my case, guess who inherited his grandpa's ears? Guess who inherited her dads ears?
Never affraid of clowns...just thoght they were odd.